March Challenge: 3.8


I’m only ever jealous
when the girls at work
receive flowers from their men

I can handle running life solo
but when they get those gorgeous bouquets
and smile shyly
at the tiny love note tucked inside

I silently shake my fist
at the gods of circumstance
for not pairing me up yet

but I smile over it all
and come to quickly

after all, the cold side of the bed
is damn nice in the summer
and the cat never snores

March Challenge: 3.6


he tells me she’s gone to sleep
and isn’t likely to wake up

the window’s open, he says,
the sun is shining in on her
and the wind is blowing

it’s beautiful, he says

he has no more tears

it has been a long fight
she is ready to rest;

today may be the day

I sob in my office
staring into the sun and wind
two thousand miles away

imagining her small breaths of release
and the final moment
of her cheeks falling shallow

March Challenge: 3.5


In tent city
I walk and walk for you
on cracked callouses

I stare hard into the eyes
of emaciated spirits

I call your name
into a chorus of names
in the thin dawn light

like a bird
among ten thousand
of the same birds

I listen for you
but hear everyone else

March Challenge: 3.4


praise ye the curve of my hips
horizontal and haunting

praise ye the heat of my palm
making your pulse pound

praise ye the cloud of breath
hovering against my lips

praise ye the wild scent
you find against my neck

praise ye the craving
I whisper in your ear

praise ye the taste

praise ye the rhythm
praise ye the rhyme

praise ye our sweat
and the mountain campsite grime

praise ye, praise ye

praise ye

March Challenge: 3.2


her wrists wet
in the springsun air
flashing fir-green nails

appearing and disappearing
between dish and sponge and suds

like the color in her eyes
when you speak of love and lengths
of time that never end

lashes down, heat up
in the softstarsmile of her cheeks

your knee will bruise
from the kitchen tile tomorrow
but today

she stands in shifting sunmotes
and drops of water
fall from her fingers as she
reaches for you

and the promise you push
over her knuckle and into place

the shape of her lips
saying “yes” is timeless